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The Nigerian Geological Survey Agency has the statutory mandate to provide geoscientific data for National development. The National Core Repository in Kaduna contains valuable subsurface data on the sedimentary basins and basement rocks of Nigeria. The National Core Repository has many cores boxes acquired from within the Agency and other stakeholders. To this end, the Agency embarked on the production of a drill hole/ core log database to facilitate access to the geo scientific information contained in the National core repository.  Features of this database include



The database enabled drillers to input core information from any part of the country. This information are however verified and authenticated by our experts before they are made life to the general public.




The database allows researchers to search for information base on various criterial. You can retrieve data for core at a certain depth, data for core at a particular basin, core with a particular sand type and texture and many more. This system created the flexibility needed retrieve core data for wide range of purpose.




The database present an index map of  Nigeria at 1:250,000. Clicking on any of the index grid retrieves core data that are located in the specified index.




Based on your specified search criteria, the core log database create index markers on the Nigerian map using Google map system, the markers are created using the longitude and latitude data on the result of your search. When you click on any of this markers, you are presented with the core data for your analysis and reasearch.




Report generated from your search can be exported into other format like excel, word etc. This report can be plugged into another database or information analysis software for  researchers. Printable version on each core information can also be downloaded or printed directly from our portal.

A quick way to access the coreLOG database features is through the database side bar menu.


Click Here to Use the Database

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